How We Work With You

We understand the needs of business owners like you.

Our very first step is to understand the type of business you are in, and what kind of protection you want to provide for yourself and your employees. Affordability is a concern for everyone. We create value by using our superior expertise to provide the benefits you need at a cost you can live with.

We know many small businesses are also concerned about the administrative costs of their insurance plans. We make sure your administrative time and costs are as low as possible by providing the best possible customer service. We are there when you need us—with service you can count on!

We bring you true expertise in group benefits — to identify the best possible alternatives.

The choices in today's group benefits market are very complex. Choosing the right options among medical, dental, disability and/or long term care plans can seem like trying to negotiate a maze. At Wilgan Insurance, we make it easy for you to understand and choose with confidence. You can rely on our expertise to match the right products and services to your needs, at a value for your business.

We provide in-depth product and technical knowledge to help you choose the right carrier, and the right specific coverage in each benefits area.

Making the best choice across indemnity vs. managed care vs. point-of-service plans takes know-how. We understand how each alternative really works — and what it provides for what you pay. Our expertise will help you get superior coverage at the best possible value!

At Wilgan Insurance, we know it's not just the plan that counts — it's also the company that stands behind it. With our years of experience, we know the carriers, their service and track records. We will find the right carrier to meet your needs.

We help you build the best overall "security plan" for your business.

Your "Business Security Plan" combines the right overall coverage across each area to help you achieve your objectives. We recognize that a "one size fits all" approach to insurance planning just doesn't work. So each plan that we build is unique. Yours will be custom tailored to your individual business needs and objectives.