“ Dave Wilgan of Wilgan Insurance has been our Benefits Insurance agent for about 15 years now. Dave has consistently brought us excellent pricing year after year. I know that every year at our renewals he will review our policies to be sure that we were properly covered. Dave is also well informed and is always a head of the trend. He makes sure that we are aware of any new government mandates on medical coverage. Dave’s service is top notch. He and his agency always make themselves available to answer a question or to help navigate the bureaucracy of insurance companies. If there is a medical emergency it is reassuring to know that the Wilgan Agency is there to help us out. We never have to worry because we know we are in good hands. In this busy world we live in, knowing our Medical Insurance needs are well looked after makes us a lot more comfortable. ”

-- Suzanne Forbes, CFO

“ I'm writing to express my gratitude to Dave Wilgan for the care and interest that he put into the welfare of my company and its employees. It is good to know that we have a knowledgeable person to deal with our insurance needs. Dave is ready to listen and has a quick, clear understanding of my needs, and those of my company's employees. ”

-- Gary Hurta, President — Garrick Machine Co., Inc.

“ It is my pleasure to recommend Dave Wilgan and Wilgan Insurance.

  Three years ago when we were looking for a new insurance representative, Dave was recommended to us. As I talked to the companies that he had worked with, I saw that he gave each company personalized attention and service.

  Dave understands the insurance industry and is able to guide us in our policy selection each year. As the industry changes, we know that he will have the latest information and be able to explain how those changes will affect us

  We are delighted to continue to work with Dave Wilgan and Wilgan Insurance knowing that we will be guided in the right direction with our health insurance choices.”

-- Marcy Michaud, Human Resources Manager — Great Books Summer Reading Program

“ I wanted to take the time to let you know what a great job you have done for Dalling Construction, Inc. over the past ten plus years.

  With the constant increase of insurance rates; I appreciate your efforts to give Dalling Construction employees top plans choices, while offering the lowest rates obtainable for the company. You always research the market and present the best options available to Dalling in a clear, concise format.

  In addition; your willingness and personal touch makes doing business with your a pleasure. I look forward to many more years of working together. ”

-- Beth Michalka, Corporate Secretary — Dalling Construction, Inc.

“ Dave started working with the company in 1997 when there were only two employees and over the past 11 years we've grown to 12 and Dave has guided us throughout the way. Each year we challenge Dave to improve our health insurance coverage and offer additional benefits and he continually comes up with creative approaches to maximizing our insurance coverage while maintaining a low cost. For a medium-sized, individually owned company, Dave has devised an extensive plan for our health coverage that I would put up against any Fortune 500 company.

  What impressed me most about Dave is how much he knows about each of our employees. He visits the office regularly to check-in with our staff to ensure their needs are being met. Our employees have had a myriad of questions and claims all of which Dave has dealt with very professionaly and always with a satisfactory outcome. Our employees with children, specifically newborns, can't express enough how thankful they are for Dave's Assistance.

  I would strongly recommend Dave Wilgan to handle your company's health insurance needs.

-- Lou Occhicone, Vice President of Operations — CABLEready Corporation

“ I am writing to recommened Dave Wilgan as your insurance professional.

  I have known Dave for over fifteen years. During that time I have seen his business grow, and I have seen him grow as an individual both professionally and personally. This growth has been driven primarily by hard work back by the highest degree of personal integrity. When Dave makes a commitment, he sees it through. If Dave tells you something is so, it is so. These are qualities which are necessary in an individual you consider trusting to manage your important insurance needs. You can be confident that you will always get Dave's best. I recommend him without reservation.

-- Robert F. Monaghan, Jr. — Executive Vice President, DCH

“ I have known Dave Wilgan for over 15 years. As a professional, Mr. Wilgan has provided our office with service above and beyond the standard of his industry.

  As a father he is a model.

  It is my great pleasure to offer my highest, enthusiastic, unconditional endorsement of this outstanding man.

-- Tom K. Coffey, M.D. — Connecticut Ear•Nose•Throat Medical and Surgical Specialists